What is a Tri-Linked Blog Blast?
It is the planning, researching, writing, coding and publication of 50 original blog posts containing hyperlinks anchored by three separate search terms.
What two Benefits will you receive from a Blog Blast?
1. It will tell your story in 50 to 100 different and original ways
2. It will establish many powerful relevant links to your website.
Why do Blog Blasts Work?
They work because of the quality and relevancy of the links they create. Google, Yahoo and MSN love to see external links to your website. Incoming links prove relevancy which is the key to moving your website up the rankings. The problem is that establishing links is not easy. It is hard to find similar businesses who want to trade links with you. You could buy links from a link farm but there are many downsides: results are often unreliable and you also run the risk of censure from the search engines for using blackhat tactics.

Blog blasts offer a better solution. Each blog post is written by intelligent, skilled writers who have their own blogs. They understand your business and write clearly and persuasively about your products, services and website and also embed links that connect directly to your website. Each blog post is proofread, spell-checked and can even be edited, if necessary.
Guaranteed Results
Blog blasts work so well that we can actually guarantee results. We guarantee that your blog blast will move your website up in the rankings for the terms you choose. If that doesn’t happen, we will to provide you with a second new blog blast at no charge!
How to get started
If you would like your website to rank higher for three (3) relevant terms, we recommend that you try a Blog Blast from Net-Writers.

Please call us at 800-307-9150 or fill out the following form and we will send you a free quote for a Tri-Link Blog Blast based on your three search terms.
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
“Commercial blogs were a nightmare until we found you guys.”
Major Online Gift Retailer
“We ordered 50 blogs to promote our new offerings and we weren’t embarrassed by any one of them. How do you do it?”
Regional Real Estate
“We love the way you not only created content, but that you coordinated the content to tell the story we wanted about our launch. We have notified our PR firm to use you for all future online projects.”
Major Resort Chain
“Before we hired you, our biggest headache was client backlash from illiterate blogs and articles that we published for clients. We don’t have those worries anymore and you do the job for less than it would cost us to do it ourselves.”
Large regional Ad Agency
“Our business is industrial strength B to B. We have our own specialized languages and appeal to a niche market. Yet the writing you do for us is right on.”
Financial Services Vendor
What to expect from
Targeted Content
Writers who know your business
Customized to your
Fast turnaround and reporting
Flexibility for last minute changes
Choice single link, dual link or tri-link blogs
Competitive Pricing